ROBOTICS AWARD 2015 at the Hanover Fair 2015


New products pertaining the entire value chain are presented at the Hanover Fair – the world’s most important trade fair. For the industry, no other date is more important in relevant calendars than the date of this trade fair.

ROBOTICS AWARD 2015 at the Hanover Fair

Awards will be presented to special robotic solutions again this year at the Hanover Fair. It will now be the fifth time that the presentation of awards for robotic solutions will be held this year at the Hanover Fair. Applicants can submit their solutions and products by 20 February 2015. The awards themselves will be presented during the Hanover Fair from 13 to 17 April 2015 by Olaf Lies, Lower Saxony’s Minister of Economics, Labour and Transport in front of an audience of experts and media representatives in the Industrial Automation Forum.

The jury will judge the entries under different aspects:

  • Technological degree of innovation
  • Benefit to the industry
  • Environment and society
  • Economy of application

The solution and products themselves are expected in areas of

  • Mobile robots
  • Autonomous systems
  • Industrial automation

The winner of the award can expect a prize in the form of a communication package worth 10,000 euros.

Hanover Fair: the most important information at a glance

Hanover Fair 2015
Date: 13 to 17 April 2013
Venue: Hanover Fairgrounds, Messeschnellweg/Hermesallee, 30521 Hanover, Germany

Hanover Fair 2015: what it’s all about

The Hanover Fair is the world’s most important trade fair in the field of technology and industry. No other trade fair is accorded more attention from key decision-makers and companies in the industrial value chain. This year, more than six thousand exhibitors are expected again, who will exhibit interesting new products on the subjects of drive transmission and control, industrial supply, mobility, industrial automation and future technologies. Many different leading trade fairs of international importance will be bundled under one roof at the Hanover Fair including the areas of energy, wind, IndustrialGreenTec, Drive, Automation, Industrial Automation and Industrial Supply and many other leading trade fairs.

Innovations in the fields of industrial automation and information technology will be presented not only to the professional audience. The Hanover Fair will be opening its doors to interested visitors as well so that they can also gain an insight into current developments and trends in the industry.

The focus again this year will be on energy and environmental technologies when lectures, seminars and workshops will be held.

The Hanover Fair is also an excellent opportunity for all visitors and exhibitors to get together. Maintaining the business networking is very important here. It is no coincidence that the Hanover Fair is the most important trade fair for the industry – it’s not just a matter of presenting and becoming familiar with the latest innovations but rather it is also about forging ties for possible future cooperation. This may generate products and services that could already be presented at the upcoming Hanover Fair next year as well.

Photo credits: © Deutsche Messe

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